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Advantages of basal implants

If they tell you that you don't have enough bone on the upper jaw for placing implants, don't worry. The best means to solve the cases of essential osseous resorption on the upper jaw are basal implants. Basal implants are replacing zygomatic implants which are the best decision for the patients who need fitting implants on the upper jaw. According to the earlier technologies the patients should undergo bone grafting and sinus lifting. We need one procedure on the contrary to place a basal implant and in 3 days we place a permanent crown. As we use whole piece implants this procedure is flapless and is carried out under local anaesthesia.

When a patient needs placing fixed teeth on dental implants on the upper jaw there are the following opportunities:

- cantilever restoration: for example, in "all on four" or "all on six" technologies the implants are placed only in the anterior areas and as the bridge cantilever is placed on crowns of the first molars, the second molars are not replaced at all. Sometimes 10 teeth in total are placed. Another disadvantage of cantilever restoration is that permanent ceramic bridges are fixed in 3-6 months.

What are basal implants?

Basal implants are implants which are placed even when there is an essential lack of bone volume on the upper jaw.  They make prosthetic restoration on dental implants possible on the upper jaw. Operational forces are distributed on the area of pterygomaxillary tubercles allowing immediate implants loading.

Advantages of basal implants:

- Eliminating the need for sinus lifting;

- No cantilever restoration from anterior teeth or implants.

- Effective chewing is possible when the dental arch is restored till the second molars. Under dental bridge cantilever and zygomatic implants technology or "all on four" and "all on six" the second molars are not restored. And if restored, it is only as a bridge cantilever what weakens the last implant and the entire dental bridge which falls under breakage as a result of long term use.

- A bone of pterygoid section is cortical by nature and consequently very firm and stable allowing immediate implants loading in three days.

- One-piece implants used are more reliable than traditional ones.

- All the patients who need implantation on the upper jaw are suitable candidates as the bone in the pterygoid section is always available.

- Flapless method is used so that the patients do not face oedema and bleeding, they also have no need to stop administering anticoagulants if they intake them.

- As reliable one-piece implants and firm cortical bone are used, life-time warranty is granted.

-100% success.

Before taking decision about dental implants placement consult your dentist, perhaps a common restoration of the anterior teeth or the placement of a nylon prosthesis will be good enough for you.