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ServicesTeeth restoration or prosthodontic treatment

Teeth restoration or prosthodontic treatment

Orthodontists at our dental clinic in Kyiv perform all types of prosthodontic treatment or dental restoration. They assist in restoring dental functionality and preventing pain onset which can be achieved not only by dental prostheses. Let’s have a closer look at possible options by examining the following.

Application of ceramic materials

Our dental clinic also serves as the Department of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Agreement No. 46/09/1214).

According to dental research findings medical practitioners have come to a conclusion that ceramic materials are the best for successful restoration. Technical progress doesn't stand still and different types of dental prostheses and innovative materials - compared to the ones previously used - have proven to be durable and reliable. Today even dental restoration of front teeth is no longer a problem.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal introduced about a half a century has passed the test of time showing high quality way beyond that of plastic implants used previously. Porcelain is widely used to restore damaged teeth and the process itself has become a present-day standard procedure. Each year dental restoration reaches new heights trying to make dental prostheses look perfect. After pain-free extraction the dentist begins the restorative procedure applying the material for metal framework (golden color), modified shape of the material and shoulder porcelain.

For a long time orthodontics could not solve the problem of calculating the precise junction level between the framework and the facing. Thanks to modern technologies this is no longer a problem.

Porcelain mixtures of different resistance level can be applied depending on dental implant complexity.

Prosthodontic treatment is an important and responsible process in dentistry. The issue deserving special attention is prosthodontic treatment of masticatorysurfaces. If canine teeth usually cause no trouble at all, molars have certain limitations. Prosthodontic treatment of molars requires a durable porcelain-fused-to-metal structure depending on the prosthesis.


Besides porcelain, other materials can be used for prosthodontic treatment, for example removable nylon prostheses. This material has been used for 50 years and has proven to be very effective.


Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) technology

Medical indications for PFM restoration using the hot pressing technique:

  • onlays;
  • partial crowns;
  • crowns;
  • veneers.

For best results and long-lasting dental restorations materials need to undergo adhesive cementation.

This is a relatively new technique. Its decade-long study and application have proven it to be quite secure. Proportion of successful restorations is quite high and approaches the figures provided through research of PFM restoration.

Breakthrough in prosthodontic treatment

Nylon dental prostheses are commonly used by any advanced dental clinic. The material used to manufacture the dental prosthesis has a range of apparent advantages compared to the ones that have already been used by dentists for a long time. It’s the quality of the nylon prosthesis that can drastically change the concept of prosthodontic treatment.

Just look how many unquestionable advantages the nylon prosthesis offers:

  • metal-free;
  • invisible in the oral cavity;
  • resistant;
  • flexible;
  • nonhygroscopic;
  • hypoallergenic.

Removable nylon prosthesis won a good reputation. Numerous dental clinics utilize this material. It is used for prosthodontic treatment in Kyiv.

Dental technology progress does not stand still and this dentistry trend is developing actively. So there is a good chance that in the near future nylon prostheses will be upgraded and be given new advantages over other materials and their cost will raise substantially.

Today alongside nylon prosthesis orthodontics has various techniques of dental replacement. A tooth can also be replaced by installing an implant made of different materials. Moreover, the situations when a tooth can be replaced only be installing a removable denture is quite common. For example, this is a necessary measure where there is no supporting structure, i.e. missing posterior teeth. Removable denture is the only option if for some reason implants are contraindicated. Despite the overall evolution of medicine and constant progress, some issues caused by removable prosthodontic treatment still remain unresolved.

Our dental clinic in Kyiv offers reasonable charges for dental prostheses and a full range of dental restoration procedures.