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Prices for dental services

Prices for dental services

This page lists the approximate prices for some dental services (specified by the euro), offered by our dentistry in Kiev. For more information, check with the administrator. All consultations are free.

Charges for surgical procedures: 

     Types of surgical dental procedures Price
1 Tooth extraction (anesthesia + X-ray) from 34,00
2 Abutment installation from 3,50

Promotion till 1 October! 


Laser Implantation only!

10000 uah
4 Sinus elevation from 200,00
5 Wisdom tooth extraction from 100,00
6 Therapy utilizing a bone graft beneath a PRGF membrane from 100,00


Charges for orthodontic procedures:

  Types of orthodontic procedures Price
1 VITA porcelain-fused-to-metal crown on implant (Germanyе) from 55,00
2 Removal crowns made in other clinic from 1,50
3 Metal free zirconia crown from 100,00
4 Fabrication of nylon based removable partial denture from 100,00
5 Plastic temporary crown from 10,00
6 Nylon based removable denture (“butterfly”) from 50,00

Promotion till 1 October! 


Laser Implantation only!
10000 uah


Charges for dental treatment procedures: 

  Types of dental treatment procedures offered by the clinic Price
1 Computer-controlled laser-based root canal treatment by gutta-percha condensation from 6,50
2 Ultrasonic dental cleaning + laser from 15,00
3 Fluoride therapy (1 arch) from 5,00
4 Dental fiberglass pin installation from 6,50
5 Composite filling (FiltekSpektrum) from 12,00
6 Full anatomical shape and color dental restoration, one tooth from 15,00
7 Laser-assisted treatment of a cyst from 67,00
8 Root canal filling removal from 6,50
9 Anesthesia from 2,00
10 Computer-controlled anesthes from 5,00
11 Adhesive bridge from 27,00
12 Dental first aid, anesthesia + X-ray from 8,50
13 Laser teeth whitening from 83,00


Pediatric dental services: 

     Types of pediatric dental services Price
1 Primary tooth extraction from 1,70
2 Primary tooth filling from 5,00
3 Primary tooth canal treatment from 1,70
4 Tongue tie release laser surgery from 16,70

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