"I solemnly swear to devote my life to serving humanity."

(Hippocrates III century BC, Oath of Hippocrates)

EventsSymposium “Novel Approach to Implantology”

Symposium “Novel Approach to Implantology”

According to the Ministry of Healthcare, our country ranks first for dental diseases in Europe: 92% of adolescents in Ukraine have caries (40% in the Western Europe), and 100% of people aged above 40 years suffer from periodontitis. It’s quite common for the people in their thirties to have two or three teeth missing, and a half of the population aged above 65 years are toothless. Therefore, restoration of missing teeth is a burning issue for our national dental care.

At the end of November clinicians from all over Ukraine including Russia, Belorussia and other states have gathered in Kyiv to discuss this issue during the Novel Approach to Implantology Symposium. The Symposium was held as part of the national program “Dentist Training” supervised by the Chief of Dentistry in Kyiv YuriiPudenko together with “European Dental Center” clinic.

The Symposium was opened by Director General etc Olga Klimentyev

The welcoming speech was delivered by Director General of European Dental Center OlhaKlymentieva. She noted that the Novel Approach to Implantology Symposium is not a one-time event, but a part of a long-term program. “I would like to highlight that our center provides European-class services with maximum comfort and quality with regard to our patients. Today we’re all witnessing medical training provided by European Dental Center under the auspice of the General Dental Practitioners Association and the Ukrainian Dental Practitioners Association,” said Mrs. Klymentieva. She thanked the Ukrainian Dental Practitioners Association represented by the Association President, OleksiiPavlenko, and the General Dental Practitioners Association represented by the Association President, YuriiPudenko for their consistent support to European Dental Center. “Our clinicians provide solutions of any degree of complexity,” argued the Chief Dentist of European Dental Center and the Symposium host VadimKlymentiev, “since they advance their skill abroad on a regular basis, and share their expertise with Swiss, Spanish and German colleagues.” And VadimKlymentiev himself sets an example for his employees. After all he’s an experienced clinician having 17 years of practice, the Honorary Member and the Ukrainian Representative of the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGOI). While speaking to the press Dr. OleksiiPavlenko, the President of the Ukrainian Dental Practitioners Association, explained the importance of the Symposium for Ukrainian health care system. “Sooner or later many Ukrainians face the need for prosthodontic treatment of missing teeth. Previously one missing tooth required a dental bridge. That is the teeth on either side of the defect were to be filed down and prepared. So because of this one tooth two more had to be damaged.”
“Clinicians gathered here have sworn the Hippocratic Oath and are committed to help those in need. There are two ways to help people. First is to do no harm, and second is to provide care. Since you could tell the patient, “You see, in your case I can’t help you. Try seeking treatment abroad. They can do those things there...” said the President of the General Dental Practitioners Association, the Chief of Dentistry in Kyiv, YuriiPudenko. “Yet we can learn the things our foreign colleagues do and do them in our country.” Top European practitioners presented their lectures to Ukrainian clinicians. “It’s important to foster cooperation between our states,” said one of the participants. “However, Ukrainian and Serbian partnership develops only within the realm of politics and economy. Things are not so good regarding science and healthcare. But we are very enthusiastic. For example, this is already my third trip to Kyiv. We started with implants and now we’re planning to engage in orthodontic treatment.” The Symposium was mainly focused on implant treatment i.e. embedding into the jaw tissue a specialized component, an implant further loaded with the prosthesis. This is a two-stage procedure: the surgical stage includes insertion of the implant into the bone and the orthopedic is fabricating and placing the dental prosthesis. Conventional therapies require sufficient period of time between the stages. After the surgical stage the patient has to deal without the prosthesis for three months until the integration is complete. The key treatment issue discussed at the Symposium is reducing the osseointegration time so that the prosthesis could be loaded after the insertion. Two sites were provided for training and sharing experience. The first was dedicated to implant treatment concerns, while the second - located at the Road Clinical Hospital No.1 - was devoted to orthodontic matters (rectifying abnormal teeth development). Dozens of practitioners gathered in the Road Clinical Hospital conference hall to listen the lecture of the leading Russian oral surgeon, professor Aleksey Drobyshev. During his speech the professor noted that braces are the single solution to correct malocclusion however in 20% of cases only surgery can help. Moreover, for 20-30 years such surgeries have been successfully performed in the Western Europe and USA.


The Chief of Dentistry in Kyiv, YuriiPudenko told the press that at present there are no practitioners in Ukraine capable of performing complex maxillary surgeries. Usually the patient is advised to refer to foreign practitioners, who charge 50 thousand euros for their services. That is why it was crucial not only for the Russian guest Alexey Drobyshev to give a lecture, but also agree to provide training in complex surgery to a group of Kyiv dentists and orthodontists.
“We are positive that the situation in Ukraine will take turn for the better. Already in six months Ukrainian surgeons will be capable to perform highly complex surgeries. I’d like to stress that Pr. Drobyshev will train capital city practitioners for free. And the General Dental Practitioners Association took upon itself to organize the training,” noted YuriiPudenko. “Drobyshev’s trainees will share the acquired knowledge with their colleagues.”.

Lecture of specialist in maxillo-facial surgery – Alexey Drobysheva

The Symposium attendees told the press that training courses provided by European Dental Center are more than just educating, they booster competition and encourage practitioners to become top class in Ukraine.