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EventsThe European Dental Center was nominated for the 'Arch of Europe for quality and technology in the Gold category'

The European Dental Center was nominated for the 'Arch of Europe for quality and technology in the Gold category'

On March 17-18, the International Convention and the award ceremony of the International Arch of Europe (IAE) took place in the conference hall of the InterContinental Convention Hall. The European Dental Center Kiev became the nominee of the Award of the Arch of Furo for Quality and Technology in the Gold category. The campaign was presented by the chief doctor of the European Dental Center Ph.D., an international expert in the field of implantology of the German Association of Oral Implantologists DGOI Klimentyev Vadim Georgievich.
This event is part of the BID Quality and Leadership Program, the joint work between BID and BID Group One, together with the Technical University of Madrid and Imarpress, whose goal is to provide a very specific set of marketing and technical points at the management level, to promote efforts to improve quality, enhancement productivity and profitability.
The awards ceremony was attended by companies and organizations from 5 continents of the world selected for their achievements in the field of quality and excellence. It was headed by Jose E. Prieto, president and CEO, as well as an outstanding personality of the business world and the diplomatic corps.
Mr. Prieto said that "recipients of the award are signs of commitment to leadership, technology and innovation. Exemplary figures for other companies in their fields."
Imarpress, has brought together award-winning companies and organizations from around the world who have received the BID Quality Award for many years, in recognition of their commitment to quality. Having received the symbol of quality, they join the historical group of prestigious BID winners who are committed to the principles of the quality model BID QC100 Total Quality Management, presented in 179 countries, creating the basis of the form for introducing integrated quality processes using the technologies and procedures of this model.

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