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EventsSpring Summit dentists of DGOI

Spring Summit dentists of DGOI

On April 14, 2013, in Kyiv the Spring Summit of German Association of Oral Implant Users DGOI with the colleagues from Ukraine took place.

DGOI speakers organized a seminar on the subject «Modern aspects for long-term success in implantology». The summit was organized by European Dental Centre.

The summit took place at the Institute of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupik. The Summit was opened by the President of Dentists Association of Ukraine Mr. A. V. Pavlenko. Issues of modern methodology of success in implantology were discussed.

Work groups of DGOI were created in Ukraine. Thirty new surgeons from Ukraine joined the organization.

Opened the meeting DGOI President of the Association of dentists of Ukraine Pavlenko A.V.

2013 in Kiev was held a spring meeting DGOI



Meeting DGOI

The organizer of the meeting DGOI was organized by European Dental Center

Doctors etc at the spring meeting DGOI in 2013

At the meeting DGOI Discussing the modern methods of success in implantology

Vice - President of the DGOI Bruce certificate

Became a member of the DGOI in Ukraine thirty new doctors

DGOI meeting was held at the Institute. P. L. Shupyk