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Laser tooth whitening

Laser tooth whiteningIn the Middle Ages yellow and crooked teeth were signs of well-being. This condition indicated affluent and well-nourished people. Luckily for us we live in a completely different world and the stance on aesthetics so as the teeth whitening techniques have changed dramatically.

Today even and white teeth are an essential element of success. So what can the people whose teeth aren’t naturally white do? Advanced technology offers the most effective technique such as laser teeth whitening.



Don’t be shy to smile

If you’re looking for a clinic that performs teeth whitening using cutting-edge advancements and technology, you’re welcome to visit European Dental Center. Alongside reasonable charges for our services we’re offering the most effective and safest therapies.

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure recommended for fast results and minimum enamel damage. Teeth sensitivity is caused by prolonged teeth surface exposure to aggressive agents.

At our dental clinic for laser whitening we use a completely different teeth whitening procedure. Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied on the enamel and its effect is enhanced by the focused laser beam. Laser irradiation activates gel active substances and whitens the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen into the tooth enamel that changes its color. Duration of the procedure depends on how many shades lighter the teeth are expected to get. However, in any case this is a much faster procedure than those applied previously.

Description of the procedure

If you decided to have your teeth whitened using modern laser techniques, you need to know all the details of the procedure. So, if you visit a practitioner at our clinic you will get specific recommendations to insure effective laser whitening treatment. Most often, clinicians recommend a professional dental cleaning. This is necessary to produce greater teeth whitening effect. After dental cleaning you will be 100% ready for the whitening treatment.

Laser irradiation requires protection of patient’s lips and oral mucosa. Therefore a special substance is applied on the mouth, lips and tongue. To protect your eyes you will be required to put on special eyewear and gel emulsion will be applied onto the entire arch containing the necessary and safe concentration of hydrogen peroxide. By reacting with the gel the laser beam will remove stains from your enamel. Each tooth will be irradiated two or three times in certain intervals. During the teeth whitening procedure you may feel a tingling sensation; however this side effect is mild. After the procedure fluoride gel is applied onto your teeth.

Why you should choose us

At our center the teeth whitening cost is quite affordable for a wide range of customers. For those who are already familiar with the procedure, this advantage will be a valid argument for choosing in favor of our clinic.

If you’re going to have your teeth whitened for the first time and you’re more concerned about painless experience and effect than the cost of teeth whitening, here are some arguments in favor of our center:

  • Professional team of dentists.
  • Cutting-edge technologies used not just for therapy.
  • High quality equipment.
  • Tailor-made customer approach.

Also, please note that the laser teeth whitening is the most effective procedure available to give you a dazzling smile. However, the active substance of the whitening gel is only effective on natural tooth structure. The whitening procedure will not restore color of composite fillings and prostheses.

The cost of laser teeth whitening at EDC dental clinic (Kyiv) is UAH 2,500. The charge is higher than for conventional teeth whitening, but it is worth it. Since first and foremost your natural enamel does not get damaged, so your natural teeth will serve you for many years to come unlike after the conventional whitening procedures.

If you wish to get a private consultation, please make a call and visit European Dental Center. We are always ready to assist you, call us on the Kyiv phone numbers: +38 (044) 221-46-90, 573-74-02.