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ServicesLaser dentistry in EDC

Laser dentistry in EDC

Laser-based dental treatmentOne of the most common reasons for dental decay in most people is not only caries, but also root canal deterioration. Treatment of this condition is required since it’s the direct result of the late stage caries, inflammation of the soft tissue forming the inner structure of a tooth - the pulp and in certain other cases.

Since this type of treatment requires special expertise it’s attributed to a separate branch of dentistry. This is called endodontic therapy. This therapy targets causes of root canal inflammation, removal of all damaged tissues and placing the filling to prevent further deterioration of the tooth inner structure.


Challenges involving conventional dental treatments

Until recently purely mechanical techniques were used in endodontic therapy. The above implied the use of dental drills and special instruments allowing access to the root canal. However this part of a tooth has a unique structure. Both lateral canal and accessory canals can be of different shape. In some cases a very curved or a very narrow canal can render all undertaken procedures ineffective. Also the following additional complications are not uncommon:

  • Dental cavity form does not meet the requirements for an effective dental filling.
  • Deviation of the impact direction of dental drill instruments from root canal direction.
  • Failure in dental handpiece.
  • Inaccessible narrow parts of the inflamed canal.
  • Insufficient penetration of medicine to the affected area.

As a result, occasionally, instead of treatment a patient was offered to extract the tooth. This solved the local issue of the affected tooth and created a new one requiring prosthodontic treatment.

Dentistry has made a leap forward

The search for new effective endodontic techniques led to the use of the laser technology in this area. Laser-based dentistry was not only more effective in treating all major oral cavity conditions, but also a less traumatic procedure. This insured a viral spread of the technology across the globe. Besides, numerous patients treated with laser have reconsidered their opinion of both treatment techniques and dentists.

What is the principal difference between laser-based dental therapy and conventional treatments? Focused laser beam can effectively treat inflamed dental tissue at a depth of 1,000 μm. This exceeds the capacity of mechanical instruments of the previous generation. 99.9% of tissue is sterilized through the entire length of the root canal.

An example of the positive outcome of laser-based dental treatment would be the use of VSP Fotona technology. In this case focused peak powers below 5 kW can sterilize a cavity 1,000 μm deep. The same laser beam can seal the smallest accessory canals, which was virtually impossible using only conventional endodontic techniques. Lateral canal is made into a tear-drop shape which is most suited for further obturation with gutta-percha points and sealers.

In addition, hard tissue damage is quite common. Nd:YAG lasers are applied to treat these conditions. Focused laser beam sterilizes the root canal apex and vaporizes the cyst capsule that was formed there. Moreover, the bone tissue surrounding the affected area is also sterilized. Thus, laser-based dental therapy prevents development of complications attributed to conventional treatment. Also laser therapy boosts local immunity. This promotes regeneration of healthy bone tissue in the cystic area.

Why is laser therapy so effective?

Laser beam is set to target only the affected tissue. This helps to maintain integrity of other tooth structures minimizing injury caused by treatment and in many cases preserving the tooth.

Nd:YAG laser heats bacteria in the inflamed root canal, disinfects the cavity and destroys deteriorated tissue. Afterwards the only thing the dentist has to do is to place the root canal filling.

Feedback on laser-based dental therapy from industry professionals show that not only this technology simplifies the treatment regimen, but enables medical procedures that have been previously impossible. Patient reports indicate that thanks to laser-based dental therapy a visit to the dentist is no longer a reason for fear. Now dental treatment is painless and much faster.

Where can you receive laser-based dental therapy?

European Dental Center provides a wide range of treatment options for various oral cavity conditions. Here you will appreciate reasonable charges on laser-based dentistry, professional approach and most effective therapies.

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