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Laser implantation


Laser-based implants

Dental implants Laser systems for implant dentistry and periodontics guarantee a healthy and beautiful smile.


A visit to the dentist has long ago stopped being a bravery test. Due to the change brought about by advanced laser technologies dentistry has made a huge leap forward. European Dental Center successfully uses semiconductor laser systems in surgery, periodontics and implant dentistry.


In 1995 FDA approved laser (Cta A1.As8/10 nm) for soft tissue surgery and in 1998 for periodontal pocket disinfection (sterilization).

In our dental center we use laser diode with the thermocompressor function. This means that dissection of gingival tissue is bloodless, due to instant coagulation of the surface exposed to the temperature. In addition, diode laser simplifies dental procedures for both the patient and the doctor as:

  •  Gum correction with subsequent dental prosthesis installation.
  • УInstallation of dental implants.
  • Tongue-tie and lip-tie laser correction.
  • Cosmetic oral mucosa repair.

Laser-based dental implants

This type of dental care is increasing the pace. Dentists note that laser-based implant dentistry provides an almost bloodless dental implant installation; it also helps to avoid most common postoperative complications and promotes quick recovery of the dental implant area.

European Dental Center patients also had a chance to appreciate the benefits of laser-based treatment. The advantages of the procedure are:


  • Reduced discomfort during dental implant procedure.
  • Быстрое и менее болезненное проведение операцийReduced time and pain during surgery
  • Faster and easier postoperative recovery.



Statistical research also backs up laser-based dental implants. According to reports, complete postoperative recovery after the laser surgery is twice as fast.

Moreover, after completing implant installation there are no signs of swelling inevitable during implant installation technique used previously. And the dental surgery itself takes up less time and does not require administration of antibiotics.

European Dental Center offers laser-based dental implants at a reasonable cost taking into account interests of clinic customers. Besides dental implants, the range of services includes gum correction before implant installation and other necessary procedures. Qualified dentists at our dental center will assist you in deciding on necessary procedures during private consultation.


Solving the tongue-tie problem

Tongue-tie laser surgery is a type of surgical procedure intended to cosmetic reconstruction of oral mucosa to repair the short frenulum restricting the tongue.

In most cases tongue-tie reconstruction is performed in a young age. Laser technologies make the procedure quicker with minimum tongue pain and reduced time for complete healing of the patient’s oral cavity and frenulum.

From patients’ perspective tongue-tie laser surgery is the most gentle treatment option for oral mucosa. To get more details on tongue-tie surgery costs please advise specialists at European Dental Center.


Gingivitis and periodontitis treatment

Healthy teeth directly depend on healthy gums. Latest laser technologies are likewise helpful in providing oral hygiene. Laser diode is effective in preparing periodontal pockets. This method provides for a more precise and bloodless soft tissues dissection allowing the dentist to adjust the length and the depth of gingival incisions. Moreover, laser provides an anti-inflammatory effect. And in some cases X-rays have shown regeneration of damaged bone tissue.


Laser-based dental implants in Kyiv

Advantages of laser-based dental implants and oral mucosa correction are much talked about. Visit European Dental Center to make sure for yourself that said procedures are safe and effective. Our center also offers a free consultation from an expert dentist. We hope that you will appreciate affordable solutions for laser-based dental implants and tongue-tie surgery.

We're looking forward to seeing you at EDC (Kyiv) with laser implantation!