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(Hippocrates III century BC, Oath of Hippocrates)

Laser in dental surgery

Laser-based dental surgery

Advantages and effectiveness of laser techniques, including dental surgery, speak for themselves. However, to understand health benefits of this dental therapy, it’s necessary to clarify the concept of laser. The notion itself is an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”.

Hence, laser beam is a multiple light amplification producing favorable effect on human body. Dental surgery like other laser applications regards light to be an important condition for harmonious human development. And light can be managed just like other electromagnetic waves. This opportunity is presented by knowing wavelength properties of each type rays of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Moreover, a breakthrough in healthcare with no exception to dental surgery was the invention of optical quantum generators enabling practical application of laser beams. Laser technologies are applied not just for medical purposes for effective dental therapy. However, in terms of the health care system this new technology provided an opportunity to leap forward and successfully manage health conditions and disorders previously considered deteriorative.

For centuries humanity used light for therapy. In ancient Greece sunbathing was quite common and was called heliotherapy. Ancient Egyptians used sunlight to treat piebald skin disease. And after inventing laser and studying the impact of different laser beam elements on the human body, laser application greatly widened the range of surgical procedures.

Laser-based dental treatment

Laser application in dental surgery allowed more effective treatment of most dental disorders. Furthermore, dental surgery was given the chance to solve issue that would previously lead to teeth extraction and irreversible changes in the jaw bone.

Laser-based dental surgery is not only a justified, but also an effective way to modify tissue at cellular levels, provide a less traumatic procedure and reduce the recovery period. Laser-based dental treatment is a “no-touch” therapy avoiding physical trauma caused by traditional instruments and permissible for high precision dental surgical procedures.

Laser technology application in surgery makes the most complex surgical procedures virtually painless and sterile complying with all current standards of dental practice. No laser-tissue interaction, no invasive procedures, and instant blood coagulation caused by laser beam exposure minimizes risk of inflammations and complications after the procedure and promotes quick recovery. High precision laser allows procedures involving narrow accessory canals and periodontal surgery that were previously impossible.

Numerous advantages of laser-based dental surgery made it into a leading technology Laser is very popular among dentists due to an enormous operational flexibility for dental treatment and compliance with the highest current medical practice standards. Patients of European Dental Center are sure to appreciate the comfort of the offered medical services.