"I solemnly swear to devote my life to serving humanity."

(Hippocrates III century BC, Oath of Hippocrates)

About EDC

About EDC

Staff members at our dental clinic in Kyiv are experienced professionals providing comprehensive and custom solutions to dental preventive care and treatment for the patients. They can solve any dental problem at any stage employing proven methods and years of experience. Doctors at our center advance their skill abroad and share their experience in countries like Switzerland, Spain and Germany.
EDC Dental Clinic is licensed to perform all types of dental implant procedures supporting the use of quality materials for our services.

Quality backed by expertise

Laser-based dental implantsModern day dentistry is the science of treating problems of the oral cavity and maxillofacial region. Considering the level of development of this branch we are able to offer you best possible solutions for problems at hand.

At present among popular dental services there is a rising demand for dental implants in Kyiv due to credibility and progressive approach. If a removable denture or a dental bridge can wear out and let you down, implants will serve you faithfully for many years to come. After diagnostics our dentist will analyze the results and offer you treatment options specific to your case.

“Bloodless” laser surgery involves less bleeding and more patient safety during the surgical procedure. Teeth whitening that previously had to be performed in several stages is much faster now due to laser instruments. If dental surgery implies the use of laser energy for correction, during teeth whitening the laser beam serves as a catalyst to the chemical reaction which is basically gel-based teeth whitening. “Bloodless” implants, quality teeth whitening, reduced time of recovery and many more laser-based dental procedures provide greater comfort for patients.


The latest equipment is the basis of effective treatment


EDC dental clinic can boast state of the art equipment that has proven to give great results. Our dental center in Kyiv provides European class services with a warranty and maximum comfort for patients. The dentist will take into account your concerns and find a reasonable clinically proven and convenient solution. The dental clinic’s main goals are customer comfort and treatment outcome that by no means can be negative. Our dental clinic in Kyiv is based on the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education which makes it a positive confirmation of EDC level of services.



Today the problem is to find a really good doctor, a real professional providing dental services, utilizing latest medical advances and new equipment, rather than a dental clinic. All these conditions are met by the dental clinic in Kyiv: EDC or European Dental Center.

Full range of services

EDC Dental Clinic provides a wide range of dental procedures. Here we provide a full range of the state of art diagnostics and treatment procedures.

Experienced dentists in KyivThus, equipped with all the latest technology EDC dental clinic (Kyiv) provides all necessary services ranging from dental therapy for each family member to specialized services as dental implant. Diagnostics and quality dental treatment employs the most advanced equipment and innovations of the branch. This means that dental services imply maximum comfort for all customers and treatment outcome, including dental implants and prosthodontics, come with a warranty. You can be sure that all procedures performed at our center fully comply with standards of developed European states. All clinic staff members are committed to improving the quality of services. In particular, all doctors are highly qualified professionals attending training on advanced dental therapies on regular basis, including teeth whitening, implant procedures, prosthodontics, and treatment. For constant efforts in improving service quality European Dental Center has been certified according to international quality assurance standard.

Latest laser technologies

Advanced dental clinic in KyivIn EDC we use German semiconductor laser also known as laser diode. Laser diode properties fully comply with mandatory standards for dental surgery. In our clinic we use diode laser to improve postoperative outcomes, avoid scarring and complications, and stimulate the immune system. Laser in continuous pulsed mode cuts and also sterilizes soft tissues, reduces discomfort during medical procedures, and improves tissue’s response to antibiotics. There are only few clinics in Ukraine not to mention in Kyiv equipped with such advanced technologies.

Flexible charging policy

A tailor-made loyalty program for each customer is another competitive edge of our dental clinic. At our clinic we offer a cumulative discount so that our patients could receive dental and preventive care at a reasonable price. Primary dental diagnostics and consultation is free and we welcome you to visit our clinic to get a dental exam and see for yourself that European Dental Center is the best dental clinic in Kyiv. Call us at the phone numbers on our web-site and we will make your smile healthy and radiant in the shortest time possible.

We care for smiles of all our patients

The staff at our dental clinic work to assist people. After the course of successful treatment our patients show great results since they overcome insecurity, improve life quality and feel confident during communication and food intake.

Our dental clinic in Kyiv was issued international quality assessment certificates and awards for high level of staff expertise.

Dental Clinic address: 4 KniazhyiZaton St., Kyiv (Pozniaky subway station).