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ServicesTeeth treatment or extraction

Teeth treatment or extraction

Are you still afraid of going to the dentist? After visiting European Dental Center (Kyiv) you’ll understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. Each and every doctor at our clinic operates in compliance with key principles of quality dental treatment and extraction.

Both children and adults may need dental care. And if the former are taken to the dentists by their parents, the latter tend to cut it close. Memories savored through the years of the dental drill or some painful tooth removal is the reason. However, during all stages of dental therapy at EDC doctors operate using modern leaser techniques and highly aesthetic composite materials. If you bring your child for his or her first dental exam to our clinic, he or she won’t develop any fears, and the removal of any dental fragment will be over in a flash.

Advantages of laser technologies

Dental treatment at our dental center in Kyiv is painless and employs advanced equipment and technologies. We use laser diode manufactured in Germany leaving dental drills in the past. Dental laser equipment operates based on light beams of different wavelength. This creates plenty of opportunities for dental therapy in terms of avoiding traumatic procedures and providing more effective treatment or tooth extraction.

Laser based treatment has the following advantages:

  • Accidental injury to the oral cavity is practically impossible.
  • The patient experiences no pain during preparation for the treatment of the affected tooth area.
  • The treatment procedure is completely aseptic..
  • After the laser treatment damaged tissue takes less time to heal compared to other procedures.

Also it should be noted that laser technology is widely used in periodontal surgery. It enables bloodless surgeries and extractions without any stitches, and that means no scarring. In addition, this technique used to treat and extract teeth saves patients the injuries and provides a more aesthetic treatment outcome.

Aesthetic composite restoration

The second contributor to successful dental therapy is composite prosthesis. Tooth extraction no longer causes an aesthetic issue, since composite materials aren’t just applied to treat, rather to make results of prosthodontic treatment invisible at first glance.

After extraction dentists at our center will offer you teeth restoration using available composites during your one-time visit or prepare composites for you in our lab. Combined with laser technology this will enable treatment and save customer`s time. This technique will also relieve you from potential complications after the tooth extraction procedure.

You still can’t decide on where to go for dental treatment? Then make a note that our center in Kyiv offers quite reasonable charges for painless dental treatment. Here you will find quality, custom approach and painless experience during treatment.

Zirconium oxide-based dental restorations

Extraction and prosthodontic treatment have evolved after dentists were provided with the innovative material as zirconium oxide. Properties of the material and yttrium oxide stabilizer produce very resistant and naturally looking dental prostheses. They are white and transparent and look like your own teeth.

Zirconia-based ceramic restoration (produced by Cercon system) may be indicated after tooth extraction for the preparation of:

  • single crowns;
  • 3-segment bridges;
  • 4-segment bridges;
  • long-span bridges (38 mm in the molar area).

It’s recommended to avoid lengthening zirconia-based frameworks due to the issues caused by polishing zirconium oxide in the oral cavity and highly abrasive property compared to other ceramics used for dental therapy. Since the framework material has high strength features, Cercon restoration following the extraction can be performed either after preparing the framework (fired material) or after dental facing.

Consequently it’s a chance to simplify dental procedure compared to all-ceramic dental restorations (adhesive cementation) and gain considerable benefits:

  • try-in and occlusion control;
  • temporary cementation;
  • permanent cementation.



Why we think you should choose us?

Services of specialized labs fabricating nylon dental prosthesis are in high demand among big dental centers, community and private clinics, and private dental practices.

Besides, in addition to successful dental arch treatment we were able to establish relations with big dental centers with on-site laboratories. The formula for a successful dental clinic relies on thermoplastic impressions.

EDC dental therapy successfully cooperates with off-site institutions experienced in extraction and prosthodontic treatment outside of Kyiv. And dental impressions provided by dentists and readymade prostheses are delivered at the relevant address by express mail.

If the examining dentist recommends removing the tooth or you’re willing to try out treatment, you should visit our dental clinic in Kyiv. Here our qualified professionals will give you all the necessary attention and offer you painless treatment. To make an appointment, call us at the phone numbers on our web-site. See Contacts for the map and driving directions to our dental clinic (Kyiv). We hope that our charges and level of services will surprise you.